Monday, March 26, 2007

Changing Course....slightly

If you've read my previous posts, you know a couple of colleagues and I are in the process of developing a business process using various SOA product suites. The intent is to go beyond the typical hand held tutorials that vendors provide and understand what it really takes to develop composite applications in an existing enterprise.

To that end, I have already learned a good bit. For instance, WSDLs and Schemas are not always provided for you, sometimes you actually have to create them.... and it is not always drag and drop and whammo, you created a business process... and just because you have a web service doesn't mean it drops easily into a BPEL process. That's just a small taste of what I have discovered so far, and I know there is plenty more to come.

As I have stated earlier, I am using the Cape Clear ESB to implement our business process. Well, over the past couple of weeks, I haven't had much time to progress from Step 2. That is mainly due to some Sun Java CAPS training we received (and being able to attend the SD West conference). As a result of this training, I am going to shift my implementation from Cape Clear to Java CAPS for the time being. Once I complete the implementation in Java CAPS, I do plan to return to the Cape Clear implementation.....and I will still be relaying the things I encounter along the way with both case you were worried :)

Stay tuned....


brian.price said...


I find this topic very interesting as I am about to embark on a similar journey and I am glad to see someone blogging about this.

Since your last post, how is it coming along?

What are your overall impressions about Cape Clear's product?



Steve Smith said...


Unfortunately I haven't had time to do any new posts recently, but I am planning on it. That being said, I have recently put Cape Clear on the back burner (hopefully for not too much longer) and have been using Sun CAPS.

As for impressions regarding Cape Clear, what I have used thus far I have liked. But I have more to investigate.

As I mentioned, I am currently using Sun CAPS and am in the process of dealing with some interesting correlation issues. I hope to be able to compare how some of the other products (Cape Clear included) handle this.

I will be posting an update soon.

Thanks for the comment.